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Prestige Paws


We offer a free consultation 10 minutes prior to your first appointment which allows us to give your pet the ‘once over’. During this time we can discuss any concerns you may have and also check the condition of your pets coat and locate any moles, matting, dry skin, irritations and infestations etc.

You can choose a luxury shampoo and conditioner from our extensive range. Our conditioning treatments are used after shampooing and lock in moisture to help leave your pets coat feeling soft, smooth and silky.

We also offer a variety of different flavoured facials including oatmeal, honey and blueberry which will help soothe, cleanse and gently exfoliate the facial area removing dirt and dead hair. This treatment is highly recommended for dogs with wrinkles or folds where dirt can become trapped causing irritation. This service is available with the Prestige Spa package only.

The feet and pads of your pooch are areas that are often overlooked and can develop splits and damage due to constant wear and tear from pavements, gravel and stones. The Pawdicure treatment starts with a deep soak to soften the pads, followed by a gentle massage to relax your pet and finally the application of an organic paw balm to help repair pads. This is an indulgent treatment that every pooch deserves and this service is available with the Prestige Spa package only.

Whether your pet requires a swift tidy or a complete pooch makeover our spa packages below will leave your special companion looking and smelling divine.


  • WASH & GO
    This service is for pets with a busy schedule or need to maintain their coats between grooms. This service prevents matting and also removes dead hair to keep coats in top condition.
    - 2 Hydrobaths (including a shampoo and conditioner of your choice)
    - 10 minute gentle massage during bathing
    - Fluff dry (we do not use cage dryers)
    - Toasted almond finishing spray

    This service offers the Wash & Go service with the following additional treatments:
    - Deep conditioning treatment
    - Stomach and rectum fur trimming
    - Breed standard cut
    - Ear plucking
    - Ear cleansing
    - Nail trimming
    - Pad trimming
    - Gluten-free facial (excluding gold leaf facial)
    - Breath freshener
    - Pawdicure
    - Dazzle spray


    Mats develop when long hair becomes tangled and knotted. Even with frequent grooming, mats can be found in hard to reach places. If the hair is severely matted, shaving may be the only option to prevent severe discomfort/pain for your pet. This will be discussed during the initial consultation.

    Tear stains are caused by liquid secretion from the eyes which cause staining around the eye. Our stain treatment is made from natural organic ingredients which gradually remove the stain by weakening bacteria until the area returns to its original colour. This is neither a quick fix nor prevention.

    We offer different types of unique cuts and trimmings for your pet.

    For pets that moult, the FURminator uses unique settings to glide through your pets coat taking out most if not all dead hair.

    For those who want to add a special touch to their pet’s feet, treat them to the Prestige Paws Colour Pawdicure. With painted nails your pampered pooch will stand out from the rest. We stock a wide range of colours from hot pink to glitter blue.

    Make a statement with our amazing Swarovski Pawdicure which is exclusive to Prestige Paws. Treat your pet to the ultimate diva look!

    Just when you thought a facial couldn’t be any more of a luxury we have created the ultimate treat. Our 24 carat gold leaf facial is made with natural gold leaves which are widely used in Chinese and Ancient Indian medicine and is used to treat a variety of skin problems such as skin inflammation. The gold leaves are added to organic oils for the ultimate indulgent treatment exclusive to Prestige Paws.

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